Unlock Game-Changing Insights: 5 ChatGPT Prompts Every Business Owner Must Know

To break records, you have to make records. But many entrepreneurs don’t keep track of what goes on in their business. They don’t analyze the data until it’s too late. They miss the trends that could make them more money with less effort. Numbers rarely lie. Instead, they hold secrets. The activity of your campaigns, website visitors and customers hold insights that will grow your business, and finding them means you can apply them today.

Aadit Sheth is founder and lead writer of Prompts Daily, an email newsletter sharing the latest AI developments, prompts and use cases. Prompts Daily has over 100,000 readers, consisting of leaders in various industries around the world. He also educates over 350k audience members across his Twitter and LinkedIn, on how they can use AI to automate tasks and improve the profitability of their business.

Here’s how Sheth recommends you use ChatGPT’s code interpreter feature, for the benefit of your entire company.

Make ChatGPT your business analyst


Before you follow the prompts, get to the right place. Visit chat.openai.com, click the three dots on the bottom left, click settings & beta, beta features, and toggle on code interpreter. As long as you have the paid version of ChatGPT, it should load up just fine. Then you’re good to start using the following prompts.

Find areas for improvement

You might not know that you can use ChatGPT to interpret customer data, but it’s valuable information with essential insights for growth. “Customer satisfaction boosts referral rates which leads to business growth,” said Sheth. “Boost customer satisfaction by creating a quick feedback survey for your existing customers.”

Export the results from your survey platform into code interpreter and ask for answers. “ChatGPT will help you categorize and understand the feedback without any manual effort,” he added, so you can focus on implementing suggestions and improving your business. Use this prompt for the outcome described.

Spot trends and unlock overlooked niches

Google Trends is a useful tool for any business. By telling you what people are searching for, you can identify new opportunities for entry or growth. Sheth takes Google Trends data one powerful step further with ChatGPT’s code interpreter.

“Even if Trends tells you search intent and volume is increasing, it doesn’t mean you know much about the niche,” he said, “but code interpreter will interpret the data, highlighting rising and falling trends, pinpointing seasonal fluctuations, and uncovering overlooked demand signals in the search data.” Plus, it knows your business goals and can give personalized guidance to “evaluate untapped niches and act before others catch on.” Use this prompt to get ahead.

“I want you to act as a data analyst specializing in Google Trends data. I have a CSV file containing Google Trends search volume for keywords related to my business niche of [describe your niche] over the past 5-10 years. Please analyze the data and highlight any significant long-term shifts, seasonal patterns, or changes you notice in search behavior over time. When do searches spike or dip? Have any new upward trends emerged in recent years? What does this data suggest about evolving interests and demand for my niche over the years? Please summarize any meaningful relationships, correlations or patterns you find that provide insights into how this niche’s search trends have changed.”

Supercharge your tweets

You could hire a marketing intern to assess your tweets and tell you what’s working. Or you could enlist the help of code interpreter as your evaluation partner. “If you create content, this prompt will be useful,” explained Sheth. “Download your Twitter analytics and upload them to ChatGPT. Ask it to categorize your content into themes and analyze engagement, to tell you what works best with your audience.”

Sheth tweets about AI, technology advancements, business growth and motivation. He uses code interpreter to find out what performs the best statistically, information that, “would take me ages without the tool.” Repurpose the time into creating the content, let ChatGPT run the numbers.

“I want you to act as a data analyst for my CSV file containing analytics from my tweets. The file consists of various tweet data, and I need your expertise to categorize them into specific content themes, for example [suggest some themes for your content]. Once the categorization is done, I want you to calculate the mean and median number of likes for each category. This analysis will help me understand the engagement and popularity of different content types within my tweets. Please present this data in a table format.”

Visualize your sales data

Chances are, your sales information is in one place, but it doesn’t get analysed anywhere near as much as it should. ChatGPT can help you turn this dormant data into your biggest source of new revenue. Download a CSV file from Xero, Stripe or Woocommerce, or wherever you make sales, and upload it to code interpreter to find its insights. Get the data displayed in a better way, make graphs and charts and ask specific questions about your next move.

“Imagine you have several products in your business. Ask code interpreter to sort those products by purchase location, to find out what is popular where.” You can also ask for seasonality trends (for example, which products are popular on which days) and assess the time of the day that people buy. Use the insights to plan new products or make changes to your offering. Your imagination is the limitation with this prompt, and here’s where Sheth recommends you start.

“Act as a data analyst for our sales data visualization project. Create visualizations that effectively break down revenue by product line and region. Specifically, generate a bar chart to display the sales for each product category. Additionally, create a pie chart that represents the percentage of total sales derived from each region. Please ensure that the visualizations are visually appealing and easy to understand by using our company hex colour of [include your brand’s hex colour] and clearly labeled data.”

Improve your online advertisements

If you’re running ads on any platform, don’t rely on the platform’s data for calculating your next move. Take the numbers further with code interpreter. Sheth uses the example of Facebook Ads Manager, which he said, “does a pretty good job of visualising data and showing results.” But code interpreter will help you “analyze sales trends, find your best months, and key metrics you would otherwise miss.”

Sheth said that even if you’re not a Facebook ads expert, “you can simply talk to code interpreter and ask it to fetch results.” You can also ask ChatGPT to create new columns, for example, “where you insert a custom formula and it pulls the data you want to perform the calculation.” You can ask ChatGPT to find your cost per lead, and cross reference with sales data to match up times of purchase. Here’s an example prompt to unlock the learning.

“I want you to act as a data analyst for my recent Facebook ad campaigns and sales data. I’ve uploaded the data, now I need your expertise in identifying the best months in terms of ROI. Additionally, I’d like you to explain any noticeable sales trends based on ad spend. Please analyze the data and provide insights on the months that yielded the highest return on investment, as well as any significant trends you observe in sales data related to ad spending. Suggest some trials I should run with my ads, to improve my results.”

Unlock business insights with ChatGPT’s code interpreter If code interpreter has so far passed you by, give it a go with these five simple prompts. Don’t bury your head in the sand, add your data and see what you can uncover. Find areas for improvement from your customer feedback and analyze your tweets to do more of what works. Spot trends, discover a new niche, and find patterns with how, what and when your customers buy. Finally, supercharge your ads and get more per dollar you spend. See what’s possible when you use ChatGPT as your trusted analysis partner.

Article originally posted on: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jodiecook/2023/08/28/unlock-game-changing-insights-5-chatgpt-prompts-every-business-owner-must-know/?sh=436e984910f8

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