Equipping Your Lab for the Future: The Latest Innovations in Laboratory Technology

The scientific landscape is constantly evolving, demanding ever-more sophisticated tools and techniques. LAFtech, as Australia’s premier NATA accredited testing and calibration specialist, laboratory equipment supplier, and project management service provider, understands the critical need to stay ahead of the curve. This article explores some of the latest innovations in laboratory technology that can equip your […]

ERH Transport and Our Commitment to Our Partners, Drivers, and Community

At ERH Refrigerated Transport, we understand that successful cold chain transport requires more than just cutting-edge technology and reliable vehicles—it demands a commitment to excellence at every level. Based in Melbourne, we specialise in refrigerated freight services that ensure the safe and timely delivery of temperature-sensitive goods. Our dedication to our partners, drivers, and community […]

The Importance of Cleanroom Design in Maintaining Air Quality and Preventing Contamination

The relentless pursuit of scientific and technological breakthroughs hinges on achieving ever-higher levels of precision and sensitivity, making the controlled environment of a cleanroom an absolute necessity. Without these specialised facilities meticulously designed to minimise airborne particles and contaminants, even the most promising research, development, and production activities can be derailed. A single errant speck […]

Different Kinds of Pass-through Hatches and Their Different Uses

In the dynamic world of scientific equipment and research and laboratory operations, the need for efficiency, safety, and contamination control is paramount. As a leading supplier of lab equipment in Melbourne, Laftech offers a range of innovative pass-through hatches designed to meet these needs. These specialised devices are essential in maintaining the integrity of controlled […]

A guide to local marketing: 10 offline marketing strategies to leverage events near you

From vibrant fairs and electrifying concerts to adrenaline-pumping sports events and bustling trade shows, the event marketing landscape is ripe with possibilities for small businesses to make their mark.  In this article, we’ll explore ten ways small businesses can leverage events to: Whether you’re a boutique shop, a cosy cafe or a burgeoning startup, opportunities abound […]

The 3 Most Important Considerations in Cutting-Edge Cold Transport

In the realm of cold storage and transport, ensuring the integrity of temperature-sensitive products is paramount. With ERH Transport, a Melbourne-based leader in refrigerated freight services, clients can rest assured that their goods are in expert hands. ERH Transport optimises the cold chain with reliable, efficient solutions, ensuring that products are delivered in optimal condition. […]

Ultrasonic Bath Cleaners: What They Do and Who Uses Them?

In the realm of scientific research and laboratory environments, the importance of maintaining impeccable cleanliness cannot be overstated. Ultrasonic bath cleaners, a staple in many scientific settings, have become indispensable for ensuring precision and reliability. LAF Technologies, a leading supplier of laboratory equipment in Melbourne, Australia, specialises in providing high-quality ultrasonic bath cleaners from renowned […]

Are you working to live? How to find meaning and purpose

Post-pandemic, the quest for meaningful work has become commonplace as people eschew the nine-to-five to start purpose-driven businesses or seek employment in companies that align with their values, explains Nina Mapson Bone, people and culture specialist and author of Meaningful Work. Solo business owners often start their ventures as a result of searching for meaning that they haven’t found […]

What is Bio-Decontamination and Who Needs It?

In the ever-evolving fields of life sciences, healthcare, and biosecurity, maintaining a sterile environment is paramount. Laftech, a leading provider of lab equipment and laboratory supplies in Melbourne, offers state-of-the-art bio-decontamination and sterilisation services. Utilising advanced scientific equipment and techniques such as Tomi Steramist iHP® and Devea Phileas, Laftech ensures superior decontamination for various industries. […]