The art of unplugging as a busy business owner

Burning the candle at both ends is common for small business owners.  We’re stretched thin juggling admin, finance, marketing…the list never ends!   To help save your sanity, Paige McInnes of toy brand Little Change Creators, shares the skill of switching off.

As the owner of a children’s toy brand, my life is a bustling blend of entrepreneurship and motherhood.  Navigating the tricky balance between managing a thriving business and being a hands-on mum to two energetic kids is a challenge I’m only just starting to conquer.  In my quest to overcome the overwhelm, I’ve learned the art of unplugging – a skill that’s become vital for my wellbeing and success.  Let me share the insights I’ve gained from switching off and cherishing moments that truly matter.

Embracing unplugged moments

Amid deadlines, emails, and the endless demands of business, I discovered the incredible power of unplugging.  In today’s fast-paced world, stepping away from a screen is near-impossible, yet it’s a breath of fresh air when you do.  Watching my kids immerse themselves in their innocent worlds reminds me of the importance of being present.  We miss so much when we’re fixated on a screen.  Yet, when I embrace unplugged moments with my children, I recharge, reset, and rekindle my creativity, which benefits both my kids and my business.

Balancing isolation and engagement

As an introvert, I appreciate solitude to fuel my creativity and productivity.  But, immersing myself in the world of business can sometimes lead to isolation.  To counter this, I’ve learned to balance pockets of quiet time for focused work with the delightful chaos of having kids clinging to me.  Being part of my children’s activities and attending local events provides me with an opportunity to connect beyond my business and nurture relationships that bring me joy and inspiration.

Powering productivity and personal time

My daily coffee break is more than just a caffeine-kick – it’s a sacred ritual that feeds both productivity and personal time.  As I sit down with my favourite brew, I often take this time to organise emails, conduct quick research or post to social media.  The simple act of stepping away from the desk and chatting with a local barista is enough to rejuvenate my mind and prepare me for focused work later.

Unwinding through nature

Amidst the responsibilities of managing a business and caring for kids, my daily walks have become a lifeline. Heading outdoors connects me to the beauty of nature and clears the clutter from my mind, if only for a little while!  The rhythmic sound of my footsteps and the touch of fresh air on my skin remind me of the importance of being present in the moment and help to spark new ideas for my business and home life.

Connecting beyond screens

While I continue to grow in the online business world, I recognise the value of connecting beyond screens.  The experience of attending in-person shows and networking events to interact with customers and fellow business owners can’t be replaced by digital devices alone.  Striking up conversations with strangers serves as a reminder that life exists beyond tech and opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

Making time for play

My kids are not only the centre of my world but also an endless source of inspiration.  Their innocence, curiosity, and boundless imagination reminds me to see things through fresh eyes.  Our moments of making and baking together often lead to innovative ideas that find their way into my business.  As adults, we tend to forget to have fun, yet it’s so good for our soul.  So, here’s your permission to see a circus show, ride a rollercoaster or become a Lego-building champion!

Setting boundaries

As business and family demands compete for my attention, I’ve learned the importance of setting boundaries.  Even if they’re brief, regular digital detoxes allow me to disconnect from screens, reconnect with my surroundings, and recharge my mental batteries.  Switching off from the online world has helped me strike a harmonious balance that nurtures my business and personal life.

Unplugging from business is necessary

In my busy life as a business owner and devoted mum, I’ve discovered that the art of unplugging is not a luxury but a necessity.  I’ve made disconnecting from devices a natural part of my daily routine. In these moments of stepping away from tech, I find the clarity, inspiration, and rejuvenation I need to cope with the complexities of my life.

So, to all the fellow business owners and mothers out there, I urge you to take that walk, enjoy a coffee break and partake in some playtime.  It’s during these unplugged moments where the magic happens, ideas bloom, and the true essence of life shines through!

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